Mariposa is Croatian fashion brand that was founded in 2013. by Kristina Bradač, formerly known Croatian model in the world, and then fashion editor and stylist.
Bags and wallets are made by hand in Croatia, from hand-painted leather, also produced in Croatia.

From early childhood, spent in her mother’s fashion boutique, then on international runways and the pages of fashion magazines around the world, Kristina was in the world of fashion.
Such an environment was crucial for the formation of her recognizable fashion expression, in which is always visible note of femininity and a touch of romance, a combination of sophisticated elegance and bohemian style. She loves fashion details, but most of all she loves bags.

As always fascinated by them, Kristina decided to combine her two greatest passions – bags and butterflies – and that’s how Mariposa was created.

The entire brand is inspired by butterflies – a symbol of eternal beauty and transformation.